(The following forms are written in Chinese)

A. Exemption Application
Student - Course Exemption Report
Student - Service Learning (B) Exemption Application Form

B. Course Offerings Forms
Course Offering Unit - Non-Department Course Offering Application Form
Course Offering Unit - External Service Organization Agreement
Course Offering Unit - External Service Execution Form

C. Student Assignment Forms
Student Assignment Form - Midterm Reflection Record
Student Assignment Form - End-of-Term Reflection Report
Student Assignment Form - Basic Skills Workshop Video Viewing Reflection Report

D. TA Record Forms
TA Record Form - Outstanding Student Information Sheet
TA Record Form - TA Achievement Report

E. Subsidy Achievement Results
Subsidy Results - External Service Subsidy Achievement Report
Subsidy Results - Long-Term In-Depth Service Project Promotion Achievement Report (Completion of the 111-year project)
Subsidy Results - Service Learning Interdisciplinary Partnership Project Achievement Report

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